Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriest s: "Women Religious NOT complying with Vatican Study" National Catholic Reporter News

Women religious not complying with Vatican study
"There's been almost universal resistance. We are saying 'enough!' "

Article by Tom Fox, Nov. 24, 2009
"There's been almost universal resistance," said one women religious familiar with the responses compiled by the congregation leaders. "We are saying 'enough!' In my 40 years in religious life I have never seen such unanimity."

"Some of the women interviewed by NCR cite an irony involved in the investigation. One said that it is "unlikely the Vatican wanted us to come out of this being more confident of our identity as self-defining religious agents, but that is exactly what has happened."

Bridget Mary's Comment:
The women religious stand on the prophetic edge as gutsy women, unafraid of speaking truth to power- this time to the oppressive power of the Vatican. Women religious are using their gifts to build a more just, peaceful world rooted in Gospel values-- whether or not the Vatican likes it. The people in the pews are with you! Thank you.

Bridget Mary Meehan, rcwp

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