Monday, January 10, 2011

"Courageous Catholicism" --Roman Catholic Women Priests- A Letter by Judith Cox

Courageous Catholicism
Thank you to Bishop Kevin Rhoades who generously gave copies of Matthew Kelly’s book Rediscover Catholicism to all the parishioners in the diocese. In it he states that Catholics are in need of “bold leadership” and “courageous leaders.” He further states that “Jesus’ whole method of leadership focused on turning the hierarchy uspside down. The model of leadership that Christ himself left us was one of service and sacrifice.”
There is just that kind of leadership in the Catholic Church today in the form of Roman Catholic Womenpriests. These women and some married men as well found a way to become priests of the Catholic Church by ordination from a Bishop in apostolic succession in 2000. Their courage to continue in spite of Vatican condemnation as more sinful than the child sexual abusing priests that were protected by the hierarchy is amazing. They have determined to change the Catholic Church into the one Jesus wanted with servant leaders and all inclusive openness of Vatican II. In their model of Catholic Church, all are truly welcome.
The Catholic people have prayed long enough and hard enough for priests. Now all we have to do is accept ALL the priests God is so generously sending us in women and married men. These are the ones who have the courage to preach the Gospel, open their arms to all who seek Christ and truly be servant leaders.
Submitted by: Judith A. Cox
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