Friday, October 28, 2011

Pastor Judy Lee Baptizes 6/Welcomes New Members to Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community

This is the first 4 pictures of the baptism of Linda, 35, the Mom of the girls
baptized and five other children; Natasha almost 16, Jolinda age 14, and TyJae
age 15 and their cousin. This was an especially meaningful Baptism in the life
of our community as it meant so much to the kids and the Grandmother that Linda, their Mom and Aunt is following them to the waters of Baptism and the light of Christ.
Linda herself was so happy at the chance to become a new creature in Christ after many hard times-she smiled the whole time. It was also such a
strong witness that teenagers chose Christ for themselves and were so joyful on
this day. Forty-five people squeezed into our small space to welcome the newly
baptized. What a joyful day!
More to come...
Pastor Judy Lee, ARCWP

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