Thursday, December 15, 2011

First Criminal Hearing for Bishop Finnhead of the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese Moved to January
Dec. 14, 2011
Joshua J. McElwee
"The first hearing in the criminal case against Bishop Robert W. Finn, head of the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese, has been postponed until Jan. 12.
Both Finn and the diocese were charged in October by authorities in Jackson County, Mo., with separate counts of failing to report suspected child abuse in the case of Fr. Shawn Ratigan, a diocesan priest who was arrested in May for child pornography.
The hearing was originally scheduled for Dec. 15. Mike Mansur, the communications director of the Jackson County prosecutor’s office, told NCR the delay came at the request of the bishop’s lawyers.
News of the delay comes about a month after Finn dodged separate charges of failing to report abuse in Clay County, Mo., by agreeing to give the prosecutor there wide-ranging oversight of diocesan review procedures in the county. The diocesan chancery is located in Jackson County. The parish where Ratigan last served as pastor is in Clay County. "

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Unknown said...

Why is it that Bishop Finn isn't charged with destroying evidence in a felony case? He had Ratigan's computer full of child porn and told the family to take it (according to the family), although Finn says they asked for it.

He then said the diocese "made a copy".

This is destruction of evidence.

We know that

- the computer was full of child porn
- it contained a strip tease of a 2 year old girl out of a diaper, with full genitalia exposed in the final picture
- the diocese lied to a police friend, asking if a naked picture of a 2 year old relative was considered child porn (when it wasn't a relative)

This is all part of the Catholic church's own "Graves Report", mostly on Page 90.

There was obviously more on that computer. Why isn't Bishop Finn charged with destroying the evidence??