Friday, February 24, 2012

An opportunity whose time has come" by Dorothy Pedtke,0,4049026.story

"...At the Saturday presentation, several women who had long felt frustrated and put down when they spoke of feeling called to ordination were encouraged to speak of their own experience. Some had been insulted for their "presumption." At best they were just told "no!" Priests who are nice guys felt ashamed to speak so to these women, knowing no real cause for this treatment. Others are not so compassionate. Many of us at the talk had never thought much about the question, but on hearing about the experiences and the shattered feelings of the women who felt called, we began to see the injustice of the church's stance. Some attending who felt vocations heard for the first time that a few women have already been ordained. They were in tears with excitement. They don't feel they're defying the church. They feel called by God and frustrated at not being able to accept. Now they have hope...."

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