Friday, March 16, 2012

Judge Rules Against Archdiocese in St. Stanislaus Case by Joseph Kenny/St. Louis Review
"The judge also ruled against a judgment removing the directors and officers of the board of the parish corporation and a judgment declaring that the St. Stanislaus Church property be subject to a charitable trust with the archbishop as trustee. Hettenbach ruled that all interest in the original  St. Stanislaus Church property vests with the St. Stanislaus corporation."
Bridget Mary's Reflection
Another victory for the people of God. What is to stop Catholics from forming their own faith communities, especially in areas where dioceses are shuttering parishes and closing schools? These communities could call forth their own leaders and liturgical presiders including married priests, women priests and celibate priests like  the parishoners did at St. Stanislaus.  After all we know that the apostles did not appoint parish priests in the early church.  In fact, there is no evidence in scripture of the apostles ordaining anyone or the bishops being ordained or ordaining anyone for that matter. The followers of the Way, as the first Christians were known, gathered together in the homes for a sacred meal commemorating the Christ Presence with them. 

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