Monday, August 27, 2012

"First Confirmation in U.S. by a Woman Priest" News Coverage

CORALVILLE (KWWL) - "The order of the Mass is similar. Some hymns you may recognize. But the language of the prayers is more gender neutral, and in the Roman Catholic Women Priests, women can preside over Mass. Sunday, Iowa's only ordained woman priest, Mary Kay Kusner, helped a female bishop confirm two teenage girls into their faith. "It's an affirmation that they, too, resonate with the truth of the gospel which is for inclusion," said Kusner, Pastor of Full Circle Catholic Faith Community. Roman Catholic Women Priests began in 2002 when a priest ordained seven women on the Danube River. Since then, those women have helped ordain more women. Now there's female priests across the world. "Our hope, of course, has been that this movement would grow and so today is very much evidence that the call is growing," said Kusner. In the traditional Roman Catholic Church, women can't be priests. In fact, any ordained woman, or any man who performed the ceremony, is ex-communicated." "We believe that we follow the laws of Jesus and Jesus himself broke some of the laws," said Regina Nicolosi, Roman Catholic Women Priests Bishop. Other key differences include: Roman Catholic Women Priests accept the LGBTQ community, and welcome anyone to take communion. In the traditional church, only those who profess the faith can take communion..." For the church's newest adult members, it's the differences that make Roman Catholic Women Priests the church for them. "It is a very inclusive church and I like actually being able to have my input in the church," said Abigail Grothe, church member. "I feel like it's a lot warmer to everybody," said Cora Bern-King, church member. Leaders in the Roman Catholic Women Priests call it a hopeful movement. They believe one day the Roman Catholic Church will accept them as leaders of the faith."


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No priest, no Mass. You have no priests.

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I seem to have run out out of arguments a short while ago, so I'll just have to try to keep repeating myself from now on.

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