Thursday, February 21, 2013

"A New Pope Will Change Nothing" / Roman Catholic Women Priests are a Bridge Living Gospel Equality Now

"A new pope will change nothing. Not a woman, not an African, not a Latin, not a nice guy. In fact, if anything is to change, the first thing that needs to happen is no pope, and certainly not an infallible one. Infallibility, unique to Catholicism, has led not only to internal despotism but also to an attempt to impose on the world all that has hurt Catholic women. What needs to change is the church."
   Bridget Mary's Response
I agree that the entire structure of the church needs to change. What we have now is a pyramid with the pope on top, where we need is a more accountable, empowered model where the community of faith, including women, rise up for justice and reclaim our rightful place  as equals in our own house. Now the crux is how to do this? The international Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement is one path to reform and renewal. We are building a bridge from the hierarchical model to a "discipleship of equals" model that affirms and celebrates the gifts of the baptized in sacramental celebrations in inclusive liturgies with innovations such as shared homilies and the entire community praying the Eucharistic Prayer and blessing one another as we go forth for the service to continue to the world. Come and see.
Bridget Mary Meehan, arcwp

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