Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Who Am I To Judge?":A Roman Catholic Woman Responds to Pope Francis on Women's Ordination

"As a Roman Catholic WOMAN, I wait with profound sorrow for the Pope, the Catholic Hierarchy & Clergy to STOP JUDGING WOMEN! The Pope gives a "wink & a nod" to gay priests, while declaring any talk of ordaining women or heterosexual married men to ordination, even when "called by God" as a "closed matter". This is unjust & judgemental! We women know the horror & hypocracy of unmarried male clergy in the Catholic Church. The rape of children, fathering many children in Africa & elsewhere out of wedlock & turning their backs on these women & children, gay & lesbian priests & nuns "having their cake & eating it" while condemning homosexuality, two billion dollars just in the US for "hush" money to hide sex crimes; yet women are told we are unworthy! Pope Francis says nice things about the poor & now about the GLBT folks, while saying & doing nothing to eradicate the rampant misogyny, sex abuse & misuse of authority within the Catholic Church. Before sojourners sings the praises of this latest Pope too loudly, take a look at the "whited sepulchre"! NMH

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