Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community Celebrates 45th Anniversary of Married Priest Couple Carol Ann and Lee Breyer

On Aug. 16, 2014,  Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community Celebrated the 45th Wedding Anniversary of Married Priest Couple Carol Ann and Lee Breyer. They presided at a beautiful liturgy in honor of the feast of the Assumption of Mary, Mother of Jesus. After the liturgy we celebrated with a barbecue meal at St. Andrew UCC Hall. See Anniversary blessing below photos.
Lee and Carol Ann Breyer, a married priest couple preside at liturgy

Kevin and Judy Connelly, who also celebrated their wedding anniversary in Aug. brought up gifts

Gifting and gracious God,

Today, we give you thanks for many blessings ……..

We give you thanks for life,
for our parents who brought us into this world and taught us about life and love,
and for companions on life’s journey.

We give you thanks for creation,
Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Brother Fire and Sister Water,
indeed for the beauty of our surroundings here in the Sunshine state.

Our hearts are filled with great happiness on this, the forty-fifth wedding anniversary of  Lee and Carol Ann Breyer.

And so we pray:

May your love continue to be like the earth –
rich, natural, deeply rooted, strong as hurricane force winds,
yet as soft as beach sand when patience and forgiveness are necessary.

May your love continue to be like fire –
passionate, intense, energetic,
a flame that never dies, but is as radiant as the morning sun and as warm as an embrace at evening sunset.

May your love continue to be like water –
moving, changing, never still, never stagnant,
as vast as the oceans and the Gulf of Mexico and as fresh as a springtime rain.

May your love continue to be like the air –
the sharing of dreams, thoughts, emotions …..
refreshing and carefree, as found in a gentle breeze or the breath of a kiss.

Indeed, may your marriage continue to blend these four elements to create the perfect balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  May you hug each other often, laugh a lot, and enjoy each other more with each passing day.

+ May the Holy One bless and keep you

+ May you continue to have the strength of family and community to support you

+ May our Gifting God give you continued graces to respect each other’s likes and
   dislikes, opinions and beliefs, hopes and dreams

+ May your faith in each other continue to grow stronger and your love for each
   other eternal

+ May God grant you continued health, happiness, peace and joy in
   abundance during these “twilight” years

+ May your days be good and long upon the earth,
   and when life is done and the sun is setting,
   may you be found then as now,
   still hand in hand, and thanking God for each other!

+ May the Eternal One who blessed our ancestors in faith,
   Abraham and Sarah,
   Ruth and Noami,
   David and Jonathan,
   Miriam and Joseph (the parents of Jesus)
   Bless you on your forty-fifth anniversary and all couples this day.

Blessed be God ……………. the Creator of all.

May it be so, this day, ever and forever.  AMEN!
(Blessing written  by Jim Marsh)

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