Sunday, April 26, 2015

7 Women Ordained by RCWP in Morristown, New Jersey on April 25, 2015

Catholic dissident group to ordain women priests in Morristown, April 25
CONGRATULATIONS to seven new priests: Barbara Ann Beadles, Norma Harrington, Patricia Shannon Jones, Susan Marie Schlessler, Kathleen Gibbons Schuck, Ann Therese Searing and Mary Steinmetz. Andrea Johnson, Bishop of the Eastern Region of RCWP-USA presiding.
"One of the seven women to be ordained, Susan Schessler, is a retired school administrator from High Bridge, Mayers said. The others hail from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Maryland.

..."Services celebrated by the Roman Catholic Womenpriests differ from traditional Catholic masses in more than priestly gender. Anyone can take communion. And the liturgical language is more “inclusive,” Mayers said.

Instead of parishes or congregations, these women priests lead “inclusive communities,” which gather in rented halls or homes, as early Christians did, Mayers said. "


Unknown said...

So glad to see the numbers grow!

Unknown said...

The Roman Catholic Women Priest movement organically growing, and reaching out to marginalized Catholics.