Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Woman Priest Invited to Papal Mass in Philadelphia: A Comedy in One Act by Janice Sevre-Duszynska ARCWP and Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP

Janice:  What is it, Bridget Mary? You look shocked! What did you get in the mail?

Bridget Mary: (holding the letter in her hand) It’s an invitation to attend the Papal Mass in Philadelphia in September. I wonder if all the women priests received one?
 Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Janice: Philadelphia! Has Francis heard we’re ordaining women bishops there 
September 24th?

Bridget Mary:  I doubt it, but he will now!

Janice: Maybe there’s one waiting for me at home… Is the Vatican sending us a signal that they’re going to lift our excommunications?

Bridget Mary:   There’s more. They’re also asking me to contribute money 
for the Pope’s visit.

Janice: When you were ordained, Catholic publishers returned your books to you. 
Surely Francis has heard about our excommunications. I just received the Inquisition’s stamped version of mine from the Lexington diocese seven years after my ordination.

Bridget Mary (reading the letter): They need “to raise tens of millions of dollars to plan the meeting and prepare for the Pope’s arrival at one of the largest gatherings of people of faith ever to take place in America.”

Janice: That needs editing. Maybe we could use some of their marketing ideas for our fundraising. (pause) Somebody should tell them you’re still on “The List of the Excommunicated.” And, we will have  ordained 22 deacons and priests plus three women bishops by the time Francis gets to Philly.

Bridget Mary: It’s a win-win…
Oh, here’s that gorgeous picture the Pope sent me of him smiling…

Janice: Yes, he’s sure lovable… We should invite him to our women bishops' ordinations.

Bridget Mary: (nodding) The Holy Year of Mercy is right around the corner. May the Liberty Bell ring out freedom for primacy of conscience. 

Janice: The other holy card is a young Mary.
Bridget Mary: We know how Francis feels about us infertile older women.

Janice:  She’s surrounded by angels with a dove above her head.  (She turns it over). It’s “Mary, Undoer of Knots!”

 Bridget Mary "Undoer of Knots?"That should read N-O-T-S... beginning with women priests.

Janice: For a moment I thought it was a shrine in Ireland! It’s from a painting. At least it is not the bound woman like the Vatican just featured in its conference on women's equality and difference.  
Look at the prayer Pope Francis wrote. He refers to God again as only  “Him,” one, two, three times…

Bridget Mary and Janice: That’s Knot #1, Francis. A good place to begin the undoing of sexism in the Church!

Update: I have heard from a number of women priests who have also been invited to the Papal Mass in Phildelphia!
Authors Janice Sevre Duszynska, priest, and Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan often collaborate on media for the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests. www.arcwp.org

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