Sunday, July 5, 2015

Why Stay in the Roman Catholic Church? My Response: Sacraments, Mysticism and Justice

A friend of the Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement asked today Why do Roman Catholic Women Priests stay in an institutional Church that rejects us? 
My response is:  
1. Our movement is prophetic. We are crying out in the darkness and healing the wound of misogyny. All  the baptized celebrate sacraments and women are worthy by our creation in God's image to preside at the altar. Until women priests are affirmed in the institutional church, the cancer of sexism will eat away at the heart of the church. The people of God are the church, not just the Vatican or hierarchy, and millions support women's ordination. 
2. As an issue of justice, women must be equals in every area of leadership in the church because we are half of the membership, and this includes liturgical leadership as deacons, priests and bishops.
3. The Roman Catholic Church has a rich and beautiful mystical, sacramental and social justice tradition that is our birthright as equal members by our baptism..
4. This is our family and we are not leaving our family, even though it is dysfunctional! We love the church and are working to renew it according to the example Jesus in the Gospels. We are a holy shakeup and we are not giving up! Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP,

The photo below was taken by Jamie Kay, a friend of my dear friend Rick Sapp at his wedding to Nancy. It was a honor to officiate at this wedding in the Baltimore metro area. Rick is now in Hospice and I ask your prayers for him, Nancy, Katie, Robin and family. 

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