Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Healing Litany for Alexandra Dyer, RCWP from Eastern Region of Roman Catholic Womenpriests USA

A Healing Litany for Alexandra
Together we lift our prayers to you, O God of love and healing.

Loving God,  you breathe life into your whole Creation.
Help us breathe deeply of your peace and presence.

Gracious God, you give us yourself to make our joy complete.
Help us give our fear, pain, and grief to you.

Compassionate God, you move through our lives in unexpected ways.
Help us move in concert with you, as we walk the labyrinth of our lives.   

God who is Goodness, Compassion and Love, accept our thanks and praise for all the blessings of this life, especially for those graces that in this time of our friend’s suffering are difficult to see.
Divine Healer, hear our prayer.

Shed the light of your healing love on Alexandra, whose pain and suffering this day are beyond anything we can even comprehend.
Divine Healer, hear our prayer.

May she know deeply the love and support of her partner, Nelson … of her family … of her sister priests … and of all those whose hearts hold her tightly today.
Divine Healer, hear our prayer.

Grant that Alexandra may have hope in her future, courage and perseverance as she walks her healing journey.
Divine Healer, hear our prayer.

Bless all those medical professionals who will work with her; give them loving patience, wisdom, and skills during the many hours they will spend with her.
Divine Healer, hear our prayer.

Hold us in the palm of your hand as we strive to move beyond the anger and the horror we feel toward the perpetrator of this crime, and keep us on the path of understanding and loving forgiveness.
Divine Healer, hear our prayer.

For these and for all other petitions that are too deep for words, we pray to you
Divine Healer, hear our prayer.

You are the God whose promises never cease.
You are our brother, Jesus, whose presence never fails.
You are the Spirit who will brood  over our sister Alexandra, and bring her back into the fullness of life. 

We place Alexandra in your hands, as we place our trust in your tender, compassionate, and healing love.

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Ulisse Di Bartolomei said...

Let's be concrete! The italic social education, already “desperate", will be swept away by the migrant or clandestine Moslems (then almost all) and the best Christianity it will follow.

The guilt stay in the Catholic church without if and without but. It doesn't mean that if we had a reformed mysticism the problem would not exist, but we would have a really ethical/historical love to defend and we would be better prepared to manage the events without being overwhelms.

The Catholic church, indeed with this pope, is destroying really this! The Catholic "flock" has a shepherd that looks at the "wolves" with a benevolent eye, and he forgets his sheep... The wolves are hungry! The sheep find everywhere the grass but these, without the preys to be torn to pieces, they starve!

The traditional religions monotheists are by now to the terminal of the history! Been born when in Europe and in Africa thirty million people were leaving, they come out entirely inadequate in collectives imaginary of million of individuals.

God, Jesus and a “spirit” world are not here in discussion, but the rites that arrogate to manage its human approaches. A rite what the Catholic church is. Also we must consider again the religion achieves, before their bugs overwhelm us.