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"Des Moines Catholic Workers Support Women's Ordination and Open Communion" They Welcome Dialogue with Bishop Pates

Janice Sevre-Duszynska, ARCWP Presided at Catholic Eucharist 
Aug. 2015 Statement by the Des Moines Catholic Worker in Support of
Women’s Ordination and Open Communion

DMCW Contacts:
Julie Brown
515 330 2172
Frank Cordaro
515 282 4781 / c 515 490 249

For several years, the celebration of Catholic Mass at the Des Moines
Catholic Worker has been a point of controversy with Bishop Pates and
others representing the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Des

Most recently, in May of this year, Bishop Pates wrote us a letter
stating that the “privilege” of having Mass at the Des Moines Catholic
Worker has been “revoked.” The reason for this is that, in December
2014, Reverend Janice Sevre-Duszynska, who is a woman priest,
celebrated a Roman Catholic Mass at the Des Moines Catholic Worker. It
is the official position of the Roman Catholic Church that women may
not be priests.

In 2010, Bishop Pates also expressed concerns about the celebration of
Mass at the Des Moines Catholic Worker, chief among these being that
we invite everyone, including non-Catholics, to receive communion.

In response to the Bishop, we wish to let it be known that the Des
Moines Catholic Worker affirms the equality of all people, regardless
of gender, to be full members and disciples in any Church claiming to
follow Jesus; in the Roman Catholic Church this includes the
priesthood and other positions of leadership within the Church.

Likewise, we affirm that the Sacrament of Holy Communion should be
open to all who wish to participate, regardless of religious and
institutional affiliations. No one seeking reconciliation and love
should be denied the Eucharist. We believe that Jesus would not have
it otherwise.

We welcome dialogue about these issues. For those who may be
interested, we have included below links to the letters we received
from Bishop Pates in 2010 and 2015, and the 2010 letter from a
Catholic Worker intern that initiated our dialogue with the Bishop
about our celebration of Mass at the Des Moines Catholic Worker.

May 5, 2015 letter from Bishop Pates to the Des Moines Catholic Worker

November 10, 2010 letter from Bishop Pates to the Des Moines Catholic Worker

August 28, 2010 letter from CW Intern to Bishop Pates

We also invite you to investigate the following links relevant to the
movement supporting women’s ordination in the Roman Catholic Church.


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