Tuesday, March 1, 2016

PASTORAL WITHOUT BORDERS. Olga Lucia Álvarez Benjumea ARCWP , Colombia, South America

Despite The Difficulties we Have Been facing, we thank the Divine presence and support in our midst.
We can not use the chairs, Because They left them locked up and changed the lock ... so we Could not reopen learning workshops and production: "They grow and grow as we go Us Could get ..." That We are painful phrases Have to listen and endure.
We come from different districts of the city, we are not only the post-punished Those we meet, here we come mothers-fathers, sons-daughters or aunts, seeking support for the families of our Sisters Who are in jail. If we can not get work, our summarizes stigmatized, less can do something Those in prison, to meet the needs of parents and children, Most Often elderly people Who are in the care of young children, totally unprotected. We wonder What Makes the Family Welfare Institute? We Asked to care for nursery That Can These children, to protect them. WE HAVE HAD not any response.
Both the Company, the state and religion, the comment we hear is painful: "you are Protecting, caring and paying to the crime, vagamunderia, the drug and prostitution ..."
This will be true Both lapidary judgment? Come and see ... What will happen now, at present, not even days, months or years, before the announcement of the closure and removal of Several multinational country? Who will be Those That cause cultivate and pay crime and violence in our country? NAFTA, the sale of ISAGEN, exploitation of mining, can even imagined for a while, the country fully Privatized in the hands of foreign companies? It will Increase the displacement of indigenous, campesinos and afros, seeking survival, Because You Can not Talk About the future is expected.
the Gloria and Maria Elena de Corposervimos organizing voluntary markets ladies.
The Gloria and Maria Elena de Corposervimos ladies organizing voluntary markets.
Last Friday we met more than 40 people. Since the day before, our volunteers Ladies Maria Elena and Gloria, Had gone to the Greenmarket to receive, and Carefully pack each market, with products That Have Given them. Oranges, lemons, potatoes, green banana, carrot, breadcrumbs, bone. To complete the post-market each punishable, we need, what grain rice, beans, lentils, brown sugar, chocolate, oil, chickpeas ...
We're joined on This occasion, our brother Gerard Pelzer Pax Christi member of Erfstadt-Germany, WHO Identified with us and listened to us patiently in our post-condition are penalized.
Gerard greets and makes the toast with post-punished.  Expresses feel good between them and rubbed his energy and zest for life!
Gerard greets and Makes the toast with post-punished. Between them Expresses feel good. And I caught His energy and zest for life!
Our brother and friend, feel at home, and all spends talking.
Our brother and friend, feel at home, and all Spends talking.
Gerard enjoys sharing his experiences.  Nelly and company will not lose detail.
His Gerard enjoys sharing experiences. Nelly and company will not lose detail.

They have something to say and someone to listen to them.
They have something to say and someone to listen to them. The Pastoral is without borders, there are our sisters Within Several denominations.
Amparo and Maria Elena delicately packing every little package
Amparo delicately packing every little package
Meat packing.
Amparo Maria Elena and meat packing.

We continue to accompany and listening.  There are so many beautiful things of the Divine Presence in every person who is a blast!  Thank you!  Divine Essence!
With Carlos and Liliana. There are so many things so beautiful in each person in the Presence of God, Which is a joy. Thank Divine Essence!


We continue to Accompany and listening ...
Here the volunteer team, Satisfied with Their Work Accomplished: Alberto, Marielena, Gloria and Maria Elena.
We want to highlight the Mercedes Palace volunteer work as a psychologist, Viviana, our teacher couture. All willing to work on the next venue, Where we will be, the Spring Corporation, Where We Have Their doors opened to Develop further our work.
Also We appreciate the testimony, courage and tenacity of the founder and director of our Hand Embroidery Foundation: Elena Cruz Palace.
 * Roman Catholic presbyter.

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