Monday, September 5, 2016

Releasing Your Jesus of Captivity by Diarmuid O'Murchu

Jesus and the History of Creation

For any Attempt to free Jesus from captivity is necessary to start from the beginning of the creation. We are just one of the billions of species inhabit the planet That, Surely unique and special, but with no divine (or human) right to conquer and Control everything around us.

Our insatiable desire for domination can be seen for what it really is When we look at the broader context of the creation context to Which we belong.  In fact, all we need do is honor the history of our evolution in a period of 6 million years .

The revelation of the incarnation of our God belongs to the cycle Primarily of 6 million years. Jesus of Nazareth brand, not the beginning of a single divine initiative, but rather ITS conclusion. Jesus' story is about something ending and no beginning. The revelation. of God in Jesus is a celebration and affirmation of all that humans Have acquired in our history 6 million years Maybe it's what Richard Rohr (2004, 118) has in mind When I writes: "We are all part of a grand parade Which We know little. The essential gospel has not proclaimed been well. We prefer to doubt the incarnation of Jesus Both as ours. It is, frankly, too ... "     

The Jesuit paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin is one of the few WHO Seems To have grasped the wider context.  Writing in the early twentieth century, I have discerned That our biological human evolution STI end was near. Biological and physically, we Could not evolve. In the biological dimension of our existence was what God HAD Reached Proposed. The coming of God among us in the incarnation of Jesus was a radical biological affirmation of this achievement.

But Jesus was more than That creature biologically incarnate. Their presence was Characterized by various transpersonal Present capabilities, all Easily Explained by His divine attribution. Jesus transbiológico Also Represented That state now begin to humans would develop. Teilhard called "psychic evolution" .5 first Characterized by the acquisition and development of new mental and spiritual Capacities. The epitome of this new humanity is what Christians call the Risen Christ.

"The coming of Jesus in our human spiritual history marks two times what Grace Jantzen called the process" natilidad "(as translated by becoming or flowering).  The first time was and is one of affirmation -more properly- confirmation of all that humans Have acquired as co-creators with God in the period of 6 million years. The second stage is marked by a new evolutionary threshold, pointing to future growth and human development, mainly in the area of the mind and spirit.

I Suggest we look at the past 2,000 years creatively, as a liminal space, as an intermediate time, as a new starting point for our species, with the invitation, rise again, to Become co-creators With our God.  It has taken 2000 years to reach Jesus and wake us what is really happening to us as Christians. to our minds, functionally limited to 2,000 years Seems long time. in the evolutionary scale Which is God's perspective in time-are Merely a few seconds.  

Now That We're waking up, we face major adaptations. The patriarchal culture of monitoring and reductionism is beginning to decline. It is not something That inspires, and Gradually is losing control. As a species we are coming out of captivity and beginning to realize That not only were we captives of the linker patriarchy, but so was our God. to give credibility to this order, and affirm christened With the Christian Church.

"Free my people" still resonates in the suffering and oppressed women and men Christian world. It is the call of Jesus to all those Who are deprived of the fullness of human potential, illustrated graphically in our evolutionary history. But how can the people be free When God is your captive? Now, we can liberate Jesus from His reductionist bandage 2000 years ago, a new hope and a new promise for Those Who Crave Real and permanent freedom. "

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