Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Daily Prayer For Our Country: "United for the Goodness, Justice and Peace of All People Forever"

 Healer of our every ill,
     Breathe in and among all of us who dwell in this land.
     Soothe our wounds. Calm our fears.
     Mend our divisions.
Hope of all tomorrows,
    Open our deaf ears and fill us with compassion.
    Tender our hearts.
     Inspire creative ideas to address the cries of our sisters, brothers and Earth itself.
Send forth your Spirit of Love and Unity.
Transform pointed fingers of blame into hands open in reverence to receive one another.
Fan into flame the gift of our founding.
     And let us be known again as a people

United for the goodness, justice and peace of all people forever. Amen.

Written by a Sister of Notre Dame

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