Sunday, November 20, 2016

Profound Thanks to Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community and St. Andrew UCC for A Blessed and Joyous 10th Anniversary Celebration

Dear MMOJ Community and St. Andrew’s UCC,
I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your outpouring of love and am filled with joy for yesterday’s magnificent celebration of my 10th anniversary. of ordination as a Roman Catholic Woman Priest. Thanks to every person who worked so hard to make it all happen. I am grateful  to Pastor Greg and all who attended from St. Andrew’s Community.   Cheri and bagpiper,  your music blew me away!  Mindy Lou, Lee, Mary Al, Kevin,  Judy,  Michael,  Kathryn, Sally, Janet ,Katy, Joan,  Marge, Theresa and Roman, and  Russ, our readers. Pat, thanks  for coordination the memory book, and all you did to organize this momentous occasion.  What a  reception. Wow! I had no idea, Mary Al, we were having a thanksgiving meal. The food was delicious. Thanks everyone for bringing some of my favorites, even turnips! .Most of all your smiling faces and sharing made the day perfect. If I forgot anyone, know that I thank you and appreciate you. It was  day of mutual blessings and abundance that I will never forget. Dreams do come true! Each of you are the proof!! Profound thanks to all!

Here is my blog entry with photos, liturgy and homily.

Liturgy and homily Celebrating our mystical oneness in the cosmic Christ.

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Karen Hylen said...

And we are so grateful to you and all the love and wisdom you pour into our community to inspire its evolution and vison! Karen Hylen