Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"The Divinity Became Human" by Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea ARCWP

... Yes, that's Christmas!
But ... if someone makes a mistake, he hears: "to err is human." Then God is a mistake? To be human is to be something bad?
…Just a moment. Not so fast, because you're going to crash. In some homilies, some years ago ... we listened to something about it ... And, if it was about women, we were the worst. Still today. That concept has not changed.
We are not going to throw more ground on what they said or stopped saying because they are women.
Here it is, the beginning of everything. Genesis 1:27. Remember us ?:
" And God created man in his image, in the image of God he created him; Male and female created them. "
Let us not lose sight of this text. Let us keep it in the depths of our heart.
Now, let us return to today's theme: Divinity made human. In other words: "The Word, Logo, it became flesh" John 1:14. This is what we are celebrating these days of Advent and Christmas!
We can not stay in the only noise of gunpowder, lights, carols, balloons, novena, gifts, travel. While it is the time to reunite the family, as far as possible, the dimension of this celebration goes much further ... It is the lesson that the Divinity came to teach us and that we appropriate it. It is the rethinking, of the importance of having been created in the image and likeness of God. The birth of Jesus, is the embrace of solidarity and rescue of the Divinity towards the human being! It is to make us worth your Divine dimension in Humanity.
If we had been made to believe garbage and misery, as human beings and more to women. Divinity becomes human, and as Father-Mother it rescues us and divinizes us!
You hear run, runes ...! "Care Olga, with what you're saying ..."
Sisters and brothers, we can no longer deny our Divinity! The birth of Jesus is proof, that we are daughters and sons of God, daughters and daughters of the same Father-Mother! We are family of gods, royal blood, blue blood. We are the best family!
When Jesus discovered in himself his kinship with the Godhead, he said: "We are gods" (Psalm 82: 6, John 10:34). That's why they condemned him, declared him blasphemous! And murdered him as if he had been a delinquent! They crucified Him!
From fear, they never let us know and make known our Father-Mother, our Divinity, that is why they want us to appear as daughters and children of "father-unknown."
For fear of losing hierarchical power, that is why our fear is transferred with the pretense of dominating, crushing and hoarding, so that we do not claim what corresponds to us as an inheritance of the Divinity!
That is why they blind us, so that we are unable to recognize the features of the image and likeness of God, in the other ... So there is panic that we get to talk to Him and always make us believe, like It happens in reality: there is no line, network congested, off-hook, disconnected, "suspended", disabled, busy, no answer, "sent to voice mail", you have not paid the services ... is that here, is not, is There ... they confuse us, they give us false leads ...
Let us learn to listen to the Voice of the Divine Essence within us. It costs us, it's true. Because we are not accustomed to listen to his voice, to be listening to rules, third-party concepts, norms and dogmas, that disconnect us from the Divine relationship.
You and I, little by little, as we discover the image of God in us and in others, we will be able to realize Peace, in the home, in the neighborhood, in the School, at work, in The city, in the Church, in the country and in the whole world! We will respect each other. We will share. We will realize our "Peace Accords", starting with ourselves. No more misunderstandings, There will be no subjective interpretations, No more suspicions, doubts and prejudices. There will be no envy or competition. There will be no immigrants, no displaced persons, no threats, no kidnapping, no murder. There will be no judgments or condemnations. There will always be open dialogue ... without scorn or marginalization.
The Divinity / God has loved us in such a way, that He has descended on us, leaving the comfort of His Heaven, to become human, to embarrass ourselves, to take us and to cleanse us from our ignorance and misery, raising us in His Dignity, to equal us He / She, living inserts and inserts in his full and happy life, from now and forever (John 3:16).
Divinity is born among us, Emanuel is with us. We welcome you, let us rescue him / her.

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