Thursday, December 1, 2016

UK Female Bishop Rachel Takes on Negative Body Image Issues

..."The 53 year-old has launched a campaign aimed at taking on negative body image messages that bombard youth. She believes social media has become a forceful conduit for exacerbating the body norms that are fostering low self-esteem in generation of young people, which can lead to mental health problems.
The campaign is called #Liedentity and brings the Church of England into the contemporary conversation about body positivity. In an interview with the Telegraph, Bishop Rachel shows a clear grasp of the modern concerns relating to body image in the media, pointing to Disney’s ‘Frozen’ as a prime example of how far we still have to go when it comes to representing more diverse bodies in the mainstream.
“They are slim, petite, thin-waisted, big-eyed princesses. They are not good role models, because it says if you are going to be successful like this, you still have to look a certain way. If you look at any book or fairytale, nearly always the ones who are successful are pretty, blonde, slim and blue-eyed. We start with those messages from a young age,” she explained, adding that the message of courage, bravery and sisterhood is important, but is tempered by the aesthetic it is attached to.'

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