Monday, December 5, 2016

Uncovering the Light Within
By Dr. Eileen Knoff

Today, in the 21st century, humans have come to realize that perhaps the most important connection we need to make is with our own interiority, where Divine light seeks to be received and embraced as being at the heart of our own complex psyche. Diverse faith expressions tell us that the human person carries an element of divine light within, a life that goes by many names.

It is our work to tend to that light, and to keep it lit, even when dark energies within and around us might seek to extinguish its flame. I have heard tell that a circle of Quakers coming together to discern the meaning of evil decided its essence was anything that sought to put out that inner light.

Perhaps so.

It is the gift of this winter season to hold open for us a time of emptiness, a womb-like space, inviting us to go deeper toward the place of our inner light. It can be the gift of dark moments that they lead us to an unexpected light within. I was graced with encountering such a light in the silent and dark moment of my own father's passing. That moment gave birth in me to new trust in the light at the heart of darkness.

As we allow ourselves to be more at home with that light within, we may discover within new thoughts about ourselves here on this earth – our value, our meaning, our purpose. We may begin to hear an inner sense assuring us of our in estimable value as an individual and as part of the human species.

Trusting we are of great value can encourage us to discover just what an inimitable reflection of divine life and love we really are. Then we can allow that light to shine from the heart of our being through gifts we have been given to bring hope and love into the world.

From Seasoning the Soul: Images and reflections with a Celtic flavor to
bless your year. (2012). p.24. Available in
 © Collected and edited by Eileen Knoff, D. Min. - used with permission.

"Eileen offers spiritual direction and has recently served as faculty for the People's Catholic Seminary. She can be contacted at"

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