Monday, January 2, 2017

Rita Lucy ARCWP - Best Letter Writers: Letter Cited as Inspiring Example by Orlando Sentinel

"The Gamut from Pro-Guns to Women Priests"

Rita Lucey ARCWP(Red Huber / Orlando Sentinel)

"You might recognize the letter writers’ names below. Sometime in 2016, we published their comments, and today we offer them once more as inspiring examples of the best efforts of the year. In an age where careless 140-character comments can be spewed worldwide within seconds, these readers have invested precious time to compose, and maybe even recompose, letters up to 250 words that are especially thoughtful, clear and on point. We thank everyone who has written to us this year, and we hope this annual recognition will help inspire more commentary. "

Rita Lucey (Red Huber / Orlando Sentinel)
Pope, women priests
Nov. 8 — A great deal has been said in the opinions put forth on the issue of ordaining women as priests in the Roman Catholic tradition. There seems to be the mistaken notion that this is a doctrine of the church, especially when the words "never" and "forever" are used.
Actually, this is simply an approach, a practice or discipline stating that only men can be ordained. In the Jewish culture of Jesus' time, this would have been anathema. Crucifixion would have happened much earlier had this man Jesus suggested such an abomination.
It's now 2,000 years later. Our understanding has changed, based on Paul's epistle "there is neither male nor female ... we are all equal" — except in the eyes of a patriarchal hierarchy who incidentally is here because we "unworthy" women birthed him.
Pope Francis did not use the "chair of Peter, " known as "ex cathedra, " to make this pronouncement. Therefore, it is not infallible and can be changed - if not by him, then by the next generation of cardinals in a council in union with the pope, where the teaching authority of the church exists.

The Rev. Rita Lucey is retired from AT&T. A human-rights advocate who writes letters when she sees social inequities, she presides over (liturgies) The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, (which) ordained her last year. Her interests include education, human rights, family and lifetime learning.

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