Thursday, May 25, 2017


After having lived on the Island of Cascajal = Buenaventura, and having worked very closely with the Prophet of Non-violence, Gerardo Valencia Cano, I can only raise my voice, cry of pain, before what I see, hear, Happens and is happening in the main Colombian port on our Pacific Coast.

What's going on? Who are the dangerous ones? Those who maintain poverty and enjoy it?

With deep pain, which I can not conceal, I look at the news brought by our leaders and rulers, who are surely very "willing" to protect the looting and robbery that is done to our Mother Earth in this beautiful and rich area. See: ( .

What is heard, in that long, deaf sound, the protection for our Afro people, and indigenous people? Cries of pain, terror and death!

Where are the Afro and Indigenous People responding and recognizing what they are asking for? Live with dignity! Drinking water, public services, health, housing education, employment?

What they have decided, in their meeting to "calm the unemployment" what pity, have to say: it is a huge patch, where there is pain (see: Reunion-between-government-and-protestants-for-paro-in-buenaventura-91622

How embarrassing, that some of our Afro representatives, have learned corrupt ways, foreign to the Afro people! See:

And what about the true owners of Buenaventura? Which of them has slept without shelter, or bread, barefoot, in the jungle in the middle of a downpour, and the danger that this represents? Or sailed by the San Juan River, in the heat of the rain and the sun, which has generously dried the clothes attached to the body? Whether fishing or taking out wood.

In the Book of Genesis 1:28 we read that God has told women and men, "to give birth to many. Growing in number. Fill the earth and rule over it. Dominate the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and all the beasts that move on the earth. "But it seems that we have read wrongly, forgiven, misunderstood, this text. The "give birth and grow in number", nowhere says that it is to kill, until there are a few ... The "fill the earth and rule over it" Nor does it say that it is a job of a few this task: it is the responsibility of All and all! "Master the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and all the beasts that move on the earth." Our afro, indigenous, peasant people, women, children, are not fish, birds or beasts, to subdue them and less to end ellxs.

Do not forget History, so it is no longer a compulsory subject in the country's Educational Pensum.

Let us watch our actions and attitudes, we are not far from provoking, even with more violence, what our country lived in 48, and what we have seen in past "Peace Accords" more recent.

I leave you with the marimbas, conunos, guasa, drums and maracas.

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