Saturday, October 28, 2017

Catholic Church Reform Intl: Calling on all who support Pope Francis:A Pope for the People needs a People for the Pope."

"Alone, the Pope cannot change the world. A Pope for the People needs a People for the Pope." Gaston Roberge, S.J., India

Pope Francis is under attack by the right-winged conservative minority within our Church. Admittedly some of us are not happy with the speed of reform nor has our Holy Father adequately addressed the issues of clerical sexual abuse or the role of women. Nevertheless, he doesn't deserve to be accused of heresy. In Germany, several bishops, theologians, philosophers, spiritual leaders, and academicians have penned a letter to Pope Francis. If you wish to join in expressing to him "our gratitude for your courageous and theologically sound papal leadership," we invite you  to go now to and at the top left click Pro Pope Francis link to add your signature to the German letter. While there, we also invite you to join a movement begun in Spain to "support the Pope and his reforms in search of a more evangelical Church" by clicking the Pro Pope Francis banner on the top right link to add your signature "to support him and follow him through the ecclesiastical 'updating' path."
All are invited to create an account on to share your comments on the website. We welcome your views, favorite quotes, and articles that particularly speak to you. Please share other sites which discuss Pope Francis's teaching in a constructive way.  Positive criticism is also welcomed. 
You are invited to join the Facebook group and follow these postings on Twitter. Go to and click on the icons in the top righthand corner to be taken to the pages. 

I am a big fan of Pope Francis who is living the Gospel of love and compassion by his example as he stands on the margins with the poor, refugees, minorities and many more. I pray that he may continue on a path to support the full equality of women in the church as deacons, priests and bishops and in all decision -making roles. Roman Catholic Women Priests accompany him on the journey to live the Gospel of love in our world today as we serve inclusive faith communities of equals in a non-clerical, renewed priestly ministry. Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP,

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