Wednesday, March 14, 2018

"Evolutionary Spirituality" with Barbara Marx Hubbard, Notes by Mary Theresa Streck ARCWP

Her talk begins about 6 minutes into the video.

I became the Universe in person.

The deep Impulse in each of us to express, to be, to create, to love more, is the Impulse of evolution incarnate.

The closer any of us get to knowing that Impulse or creativity and love, and say yes to it, the more that inner impulse and we become one.

It is a whole new way of saying, “I and God are One.”

If you say yes to the Impulse, You are activated and regenerated and guided by the Impulse.

The universe is a great love story.

What story can we tell that is as great as the birth of Christ?

Our story is the birth of a co-creative universal humanity.
Our crisis is the crisis of an emerging species.

What do we start doing?
Identify your creative purpose and connect with other co-creators.

Evolutionary Spirituality:
Eternal – we are one with Consciousness, God, Source Eternal
Embody – every one of us is a resume of the entire story of creation, we are the universe in person
Emerge – The Universe always wants more. We are the Universe emerging as the Impulse to create.  Creator is creating co-creators.
Eros – erotic- the evolution of sexuality – the urge to produce (not children) by incarnating the Impulse of evolution as my yearning to express, to create and to be and instead of joining genes, the Impulse is to join genius to give birth to the greater self and the greater world.

Mary Theresa Streck, Ed.D., D.Min.
Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests
People's Catholic Seminary


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