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Upcoming Retreats/Workshops with Edwina Gateley

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*5-7 Day Retreats:

Soul SistersWomen called to connect, bond and heal in a broken world. During this retreat we are invited to rediscover and claim the feminine soul. We explore the Feminine Divine, Women in Scripture and the significant role women have to play in bringing balance and healing to our world.
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April 21-25  |  May 11-15  |  July 25-30  |  August 14-20 | September 6-8

Mystics, Rebels and Prophets: Women of Spirit who have gone before us and walk with us today. We explore Hildegard of Bingen, Brigid of Kildare, Julian of Norwich, the Beguines of the Middle Ages and contemporary prophetic women. Their stories will make a profound impact on our lives today as we draw on their witness and courage.
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June 27-July 2 | July 10-15  | October 21-23
Mothers, Sisters and Daughters: Standing on Their Shoulders Edwina will share poetic readings and stories from her book, exploring the lives of some valiant women – mystics and prophets. Their stories will make a profound impact on our lives as well as their call for a new and radical spirituality embracing the Divine Feminine and the sacredness of the Earth.
Call to Personal and Global Transformation In the midst of our violent and hurting world we will explore how God as Lover, Healer and Seducer ever invites us to new possibilities and to believe in our potential to make a difference. Through scripture and contemporary stories, we will explore how we are called to recognize and nurture God’s presence in our world and in ourselves.
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April 8-10  | August 28-September 1 | September 10 2016
In Gods Womb: Your Soul Journey with God A Contemplative experience sinking into God through poetry, music, visuals, reflections and contemplative prayer. During this retreat we will reconnect the relationship with God we had as children, through adulthood and moving into the wisdom years. A true vacation with God for women and men graced with life experience!
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April 29-30  |  October 14-16 | November 12
*Week long retreats may be adapted to weekend retreats.

Weekend Retreats

Rediscovering and Claiming the Feminine Soul
Call to Personal and Global Transformation
In Gods Womb: Your Soul Journey with God
Also offering: Keynote Presentations, Parish Missions, Days of Reflection, and Presentations on Trafficking and Prostitution.


What people have said about Edwina’s

“Edwina is, without doubt, the most powerful speaker I have ever heard.”
“This retreat has changed my life.”
“Edwina speaks from a heart of courage and compassion. She is funny, tender and wise.”
“A superb teacher and graced mystic.”
“Edwina helps us realize how with just small steps and perseverance we can make a difference in the world.”
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