Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Ireland- Day 8: Visit and Lunch with Noirin Ni Riain and Mark Patrick Hederman at Glenstal Abbey

Today we  had a delightful conversation with Noirin Ni Riain and Mark Patrick Hederman, the former Abbot of Glenstal. and a delicious lunch prepared by Noirin at her home outside the Abbey. 

Noirin shared that her priestly ministry is flourishing especially her wedding ministry. She has officiated at 23 weddings this year and 35 more scheduled. Noirin was ordained by One Spirit Learning Community. 

Mark Patrick shared the story of the journey of the Healing Christ icon from Russia to Glenstal Abbey. Here it is in the Icon Chapel below. Mark Patrick wrote about it in Walkabout.

We shared an update on our international Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement's growth and  our travels in Ireland to promote ARCWP.

We are blessed by our friendship and mutual support for a renewed priestly ministry. 

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