Friday, August 3, 2018

St. Gertrude the Great, Priest of God, Pray With Us and With all Women Called to Ordination-a Prayer by Irish Theologian Mary T. Malone

"God Made Me A Priest Poor Gertrude, triply silenced in a Christian cocoon of misogyny. You are Eve, daughter of Satan: your mouth speaks only evil. 

You, a woman, are under obedience: your voice is irrelevant, your superiors speak for you, if speech is necessary, which from women is rarely so. 
You are less than nobody in God’s church: was it not you, a woman, who dealt with the devil, and caused sin to grow and drag down forever the church of God? 
You caused the death and suffering of Jesus now take your place submissively as an evil irrelevancy. 
But God said to Gertrude: Write, speak, forgive sins in my name: I will never let your words be in vain, I now make you a priest of God, you are my mouth-piece. 
My words are your words and yours mine. 
The words of the powerful are shallow like pebbles in an empty can. 
I now touch your mouth, 
Today I make you my priest Feed the people, 
Bless the bread, Share the wine. 
Speak for me to them. 
Remove their doubts and scruples 
Lift their burdens 
Help the women to stand tall Tell them ‘Come.’ 
No wonder we call her Gertrude the Great, Ordained by God herself,"

Praying with the Women Mystics: Enduring Grace (Christian Mystics Series)" by Mary  T Malone 

God is speaking today the same message to courageous women called to a renewed priestly ministry in a community of equals in the international Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement. We are prophets of the future, living Jesus example of Gospel equality now!  Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP,

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