Thursday, March 14, 2019

Interfaith Remembrance Service in Honor of Residents Who Died in 2018 from Oakwood Manor Community, Sarasota, Florida with Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP

Opening Hymn: Holy Angels

Gathering Prayer: Loving God we gather now to remember the members of our OakManor Community who have died. We give thanks for their lives and the many blessing that they brought to us. We ask You to comfort their families, friends, and neighbors who miss them and grieve their loss. In this Remembrance Service, we light a candle to honor our dearly beloved, departed sisters and invite this community gathered here to share memories of their presence among us.

Pslam 23
Response: God is my shepherd, I shall not want.
Gospel: John 14: 1-3

Tribute to Oakwood Manor Members who have died.

A resident volunteer lights a candle and hares a thought, prayer, poem or brief story in remembrance of our deceased residents. (All are invited to write in the Remembrance Book tributes to deceased resident

At conclusion of each tribute, we pray together:
Loving God, we remember the blessings that (say the person's name) brought to us.

Closing Hymn: When the Saints Come Marching In

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