Thursday, September 19, 2019

Ireland - Hopeful News- Irish Welcome Change in Church Teaching on Homosexuality, Women Deacons and Women Priests, We Met Today with Tony McCarthaigh a leader from Community of 72 and Myra Noonan to discuss a path to inclusivity and equality in the Church

Today, 9/19/2019 we met with Tony McCarthaigh, a married priest and leader in the Community of 72, who sponsor Eucharistic liturgies in the Dublin area and Myra Noonan on right who is also a member of the community of 72. Mary Theresa and I after reading the vision- mission paper happily joined this wonderful spiritual Irish community.

"...Finally, 86 per cent want church teaching on homosexuality to be changed and that all those excluded from the church, regardless of sexuality, marital or family status be accepted as full members.
Elsewhere in the survey, respondents reported wanting married priests (81%), women deacons (80%), and women priests (69%). Denis Bradley, a former priest and columnist for The Irish News, explained further about the process and its significance:
” ‘After a very thorough period of discussion and reflection, the hundreds of people involved were given an assurance that all suggestions that emerged and that were within the competence (authority) of the local bishop would be implemented as diocesan policy.’
” ‘Suggestions that the bishop couldn’t implement without the authority of the wider church would be sent on to the Irish Bishops Conference and to the Papal Nuncio to be passed on to authorities in Rome.’ “

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