Monday, September 23, 2019

Movies on Mary of Magdala - Apostle to the Apostles- Bridget Mary Meehan

St. Mary of Magdala, the apostle to the apostles, was commissioned by the Risen Christ to proclaim the Resurrection to the male disciples. Mary of Magdala's courageous witness as a leader in the Gospels gives hope to women in the Roman Catholic Church today who are working for gender equality. Bridget Mary Meehan, a Roman Catholic Woman Priest, is host and producer of "A New Look at St. Mary of Magdala" and the website of Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests is If you enjoyed this production on St. Mary of Magdala, check out Bridget Mary Meehan's other programs and publications on the roles of women in the bible and in the Christian tradition as well as other thought-provoking, non-denominational topics on amazon and youtube.

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