Monday, October 7, 2019

Registration for Celtic Holy Women - Our Wisdom Guides for 21st Century , A People's Catholic Seminary Course Available for Spiritual Enrichment Now, Facilitator: Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan

You can take Celtic Holy Women- Our Wisdom Guides for the 21st Century as an independent study or enjoy sharing in a cohort model beginning in November. No grades or academic papers  are required. We will utilize blogger and zoom calls to share our learning and creative reflections as a co-learning, enrichment experience.  Contact me through email with any questions: Register for course by clicking on link above. 


This course presents Celtic holy women as wisdom guides, prophets, spiritual leaders- anam chara/ anam cara. It also introduces sacred wells and monastic sites in Ireland and Wales associated with the sacred feminine. The goal is to celebrate the contributions of women wisdom and strength in Celtic spirituality and to make the connections with contemporary life today. This material can be utilized as an independent or cohort study.


The material for this course is contained in the blog topics. Additional background and resources are in Praying with Celtic Holy Women by Bridget Mary Meehan and Regina Madonna Oliver (available on amazon and on Kindle)


For each of the topics, participant(s) are asked to read the reflection provided, share their responses to one or more questions and as an optional exercise, add resources from contemporary literature, arts, music that are relevant. Periodic individual and group discussions will take place through scheduled zoom sessions (dates/times TBA) if time allows. You can contact Bridget Mary by by phone or email throughout the course to further discuss topics. Email contact:, phone- 703-505-0004

In the reflections, discussion starters, and prayer experiences that accompany each woman’s story, you are invited

- to reflect on the myths and miracles of Celtic holy women whose strength and wisdom have been transmitted through the ages.

-to discover that springs and holy wells were associated with birthing and healing, and the powerful Celtic feminine.

-to encounter women who were priests, prophets, martyrs, anam cara or spiritual friends in the Early Celtic tradition.

-to present women as equals and leaders in the Celtic tradition from the fifth through the eight centuries.

-to connect Celtic holy women as mentors to spiritual seekers in the twenty‑first century.

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