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Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests: Women in Inclusive Church Leadership - Links to articles, videos , books and more

ARCWP in Inclusive Church 


A concise history of the International Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement can be found in the booklet, Here I Am, I Am Ready ( by Juanita Cordero and Suzanne Avison Thiel and in Women Find a Way by Elsie McGrath, Bridget Mary Meehan and Ida Ramming (available through on-line booksellers). 


Click on the following link “Roman Catholic Women Priests: The Case for Women Priests, Brief History, Videos, Books, Articles.”

Click on the following link to listen to an interview by Rev. Mary Eileen Collingwood who gives an overview of the pathway to ordination:

Click on the link below to view video testimonies by ARCWP members:

Click on following links for books on the early history of Roman Catholic Women Priests:

Living Gospel Equality Now

In this book, Bridget Mary Meehan shares treasured memories from her life story and from her journey to priesthood. In a church and a world where women are second-class citizens because of their gender, women priests are rocking the Catholic Church to its foundations as they share women's experiences and claim women's power as spiritual equals, breaking the stained glass ceiling. Bridget Mary writes: "I believe that on a deep spiritual, mystical level women priests are beginning a healing process of centuries-old deep misogyny in which spiritual power was invested exclusively in men. We are visible reminders that women are equal images of God, and therefore are worthy to preside at the altar." In inclusive grassroots communities Roman Catholic Women Priests are moving the church toward partnership in a Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered community of equals. For some, like the Catholic hierarchy, women priests are a revolution. For millions of people the time has come for a holy shakeup that will bring new life, creativity and justice to the church and beyond. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan, RCWP, author of eighteen books including "The Healing Power of Prayer," "Praying with Women of the Bible," and "Praying with Visionary Women," is the dean of the Doctor of Ministry program for Global Ministries University. On July 31, 2006, Bridget Mary Meehan was ordained a Roman Catholic priest, one of the first twelve women in the United States, and a bishop on April 19, 2009. Bridget Mary serves as a spiritual leader of The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests. For more information, visit

Women Find a Way: The Movement and Stories of Roman Catholic Womenpriests Edited by  , Bridget Mary Meehan, Ida Raming

Meet Roman Catholic Womenpriests who are shaping a more inclusive, Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered Church of equals in the twenty-first century. All are welcome at the sacred Eucharistic table. Meet women bishops ordained in full apostolic succession who continue to carry on the work of ordaining others in the Roman Catholic Church. Meet women who are serving the People of God. Meet women who are serving the People of God in many ways including house churches and parish communities, hospital and hospice chaplaincy, anointing of the sick and elderly, and ministering with the homeless. Roman Catholic Womenpriests are leading the Catholic Church into a new age in which the identity of priest reflects the experiences of women. For more information, visit All proceeds from the sale of this book go to RCWP-International for the furthering of the movement. 

A History of Women and  Ordination by Ida Raming

During the past half century, few issues have been more prominent and disputed in religious circles than the ordination of women. This has been most acutely felt in the Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican Churches, but other Christian and Jewish have also been immersed in the debate.

For decades, Professor Ida Raming has been one of the leaders in the forefront of the argument in favor of the ordination of women. First published by Scarecrow Press in 1976, Dr. Raming has recently republished her classic German study accompanied by an invaluable updated international bibliography as well as three recent articles that provide scholarly responses to the Vatican's position. This second edition provides an English translation of the new updated German edition. Also provided is an English translation of all the canonical sources quoted by Raming and a chronological bibliography on women's ordination from 1973 to the present.

Any scholar interested in this volatile and intriguing question will welcome this scholarly resource.

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