Saturday, November 9, 2019

Richard Rohr- The Universal Christ- Part 1 and Part 2 ( The Liturgists Podcast), Outstanding

There is no place where God is absent. Everything is holy.
Forgiveness- forgive reality for being imperfect. Divine perfection includes imperfection. Human perfection excludes seemingly imperfect.
Holiness is planted in everything from its beginning.
"You are sealed in the Holy Spirit" St. Paul
is good news for all the people. Hard to comprehend for many people.
Include helps you to transcend to higher level of consciousness. (rather than transcend to include.)
Genesis 1 Original blessing vs. Genesis 3 Original Sin.
Christianity was not a school of love, but rather a school of conformity.
unloving, domination, vs. compassion and service. 
We have created a filter let in fear-based approach, lack of kindness, civil rights, service vs. attenders, need lovers of the world, focus on loving. Start to appeal to fear or threat, you do not gather great lovers. 
God, the great Includer, preferable to dominator language the almighty, omnipotent one.
Mary, symbol, eternal yes.
We have the freedom to say yes.

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