Monday, November 11, 2019

Veterans Day: A Day of Appreciation to All Who Served Our Nation and World with Courage

My response: Today, I called my brother Patrick, a veteran who served in the Vietnam War. I was in the convent when Patrick was in the thick of the fighting with the 101st airborne. It was a stressful time for our entire family and we were grateful that he returned safely. 

 It is a positive step and long overdue that businesses are reaching out with  free meals and special discounts for those who sacrificed so much and received so little appreciation when they returned from a war that tore our nation apart.

My heart goes out to the thousands of veterans who have suffered the trauma and horror of our wars and all the victims of these wars in other countries as well.  They have carried a great burden for many years, the depths of horror, we cannot fathom. They deserve every freebie and honor we can give them. 

Wouldn't it be great if  businesses and all of us could spread our appreciation to others like first responders, fire fighters, police,  teachers, social workers, nurses and doctors who serve marginalized peoples with few resources. There are many unsung heroes among us including human rights workers, journalists and social justice advocates who address the causes of international conflict and seek pathways to truth and peaceful resolutions.  Groups like Doctors without Borders, the Red Cross are two examples. They risk their lives on foreign soil to  help the wounded on all sides.  

May all who continue to protect our freedom and work for the well-being of our nation and world be blest,  and may peace with justice for all be a reality in our times.   Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP

"Businesses are saluting veterans and active-duty military personnel Monday.
They’re offering free meals, treats and special discounts on Veterans Day to show their appreciation for all those who have sacrificed for the country.
Proof of service such as a military ID is typically required and a few businesses will allow dressing in uniform as a form of identification. Discharge papers, VA cards and veteran organization membership cards also can be used to prove service at most businesses.
The majority of discounts are valid only on Veterans Day at participating locations nationwide with most applying to veterans and active duty military. Some exclusions apply and offers can vary. Check with your closest location to confirm participation."

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