Sunday, December 1, 2019

Spiritual Spa Experience for Individuals and Groups featuring 10 Approaches to Inner Healing with Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan - Reserve Now, Begins in January 2020

Sign up for a spiritual spa program to enjoy alone or with a group of friends/faith community starting in January. Make spiritual care part of your New Year's self care plan. A perfect Christmas gift for self, friends, faith groups.  
Discover 10 different inner healing prayer approaches featured in The Healing Power of Prayer New Expanded Edition that can help you to let go of stress, anxiety and toxic thoughts and emotions. 
There are no papers to write or questions to answer. All exercises are  self-directed. Groups may select several sessions unique to their interests and share experiences on blogger posts. There are no right or wrong approaches but simply what works best for you. Dr. Meehan will be available as a consultant for conversation on self care through each of the inner healing prayer experiences. For more information, contact

To register: click on link:

Listen to Podcasts below on different approaches to inner healing prayer with Dr. Meehan. 
So why not try something new in 2020. Find ways to center, calm, heal and renew your soul through inner healing prayer.  
Healing of Memories Prayer:

Centering Prayer:

Forgiveness Prayer:

Journal Prayer:

Fantasy Prayer:

Songs for liturgical celebrations for healing or celebrations of life

1Corinthians 13 sung by John Michael Talbot

All is Well by Karen Drucker

All This Joy by John Denver

Be Not Afraid by Bob Dufort

Berakah, the Blessing by Jan Novotka

Come to the Water by John Foley

Deep Within by David Haas

Go in Beauty by Robert Gass

Healed, Whole and Healthy by Karen Drucker

Holy Angels by Sara Thomsen

How Could Anyone Every Tell You by Shaina Noll

I Am Healed by Karen Drucker

I AM the One Within You by Karen Drucker

I will Never Forget You - Isaiah 49 - Carey Landry

I Will Not Leave You Comfortless by Jan Phillips

Lay your hands gently upon us by Carey Landry

Lean On Me by Bill Withers

May the Longtime Sun by Sara Thomsen

My Yoke is Easy by John Michael Talbot

On Eagle’s Wings by Michael Joncas

Only a Shadow by Carey Landry

Peace Be With You by Shaina Noll

Peace is Flowing Like a River by Carey Landry

Psalm 139 Sung by Kathryn Christian

Shelter Me O God by Bob Hurd

Shepherd Me O God by Marty Haugen

Spirt of the Living God by Michael Crawford

The Beauty of the Dancer By Sara Thomsen

The Healing Song by Karen Drucker

Turn My Heart by Marty Haugen

Turn, Turn, Turn

You Are Mine by David Haas

You Raise Me Up
Rolf U. Lovland & Brendan Graham

Wanting Memories

We Are All Angels by Karen Drucker

We Will Rise Again by David Haas

When the Saints Go Marching In

Within Our Hearts Be Born by Michael Joncas

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