Tuesday, July 28, 2020

"Living Christ's Presence" by Bridget Mary Meehan from A Promise of Presence by Bridget Mary Meehan and Regina Madonna Oliver

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On the night before he died, Jesus came to the table with his companions, Jesus took bread, blessed and broke it saying, "Take, eat, this is my body. Do this in memory of me." After supper, Jesus poured a cup of wine and shared it with his friends, saying, "This is the cup of the covenant of my love. As often as you drink of it, remember me."

When we eat and drink this holy meal today, we are reminded of the rich mystery of Divine Love we already possess-the Christ­ presence in the believing community. As we share this sacred banquet, we become more aware of how our lives are blessed and broken in our ordinary human experiences every day. Our bodies and souls form the holy ground on which and in which Christ is present. Each eucharistic celebration helps us become more who we really are-the Body of Christ.

Our Eucharist, however, does not end when the sacred meal is over. Rather, it continues to grow as we share love with our fami­lies, friends, neighbors and those in need. Even actions that seem insignificant can be occasions for thanksgiving and self-giving­ living Christ's presence in the world. Everywhere we go and every encounter we have are grace-laden occasions when we can live as the Body of Christ, reflecting the passion of God. The dream of Jesus to do this in his memory will fuel our hearts with divine energy.


Make this your prayer today:

Loving Christ, help me to recognize you in every person I meet today. May I be aware that all of us are the Body of Christ, blessed, broken and shared. Energize me to nurture and care for others today with fresh enthusiasm. May I be receptive to the ways you are gracing my life through these encounters.

Make this your prayer today:
Let us proclaim the mystery of faith,

Christ has died in ... (name those who have passed away whom you wish to remember)
Christ is rising in all those who are working for the well-being of humanity. (name those you wish to remember)
Christ comes each day again and again in all holy women and men of every race, culture .(name those you wish to remember)


Make the Great Amen your prayer today:

For it is through loving as Jesus loved
that we awaken to your Spirit within,
Moving through us to heal all divisions,
At this time and all time everywhere.


Imagine yourself as the Body of Christ blessed, broken and shared.  What will you do the same today, as Christ Presence in your family, community and world?  What will you do differently today, as Christ Presence in your family, community and world? Be aware of any thoughts, feelings, ideas or insights that emerge.


As your prayer today, quietly recall that you are a reflection of the Divine. Think about the dreams you hold that would allow you to love others with  a deep passion for justice, peace and equality. Write these down and/or share them with Christ.


Eat your food today slowly, mindful of the nourishment you receive from it. Give thanks that it becomes part of you. Reflect on the Eucharist as food for your journey in life. Receive it mindfully and gratefully as the gift of life Christ shares with you.


Celebrate or imagine your next celebration of the Eucharist. Let your answers to these questions be your prayer:
How does this sacred meal nourish, heal and transform my life? What do I bring to the table as a member of the Body of Christ? How am I called to share the Christ Presence with others in a more powerful way?

What difference does this holy dream of Jesus inviting me to "do
this in memory" of him make to me?


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