Saturday, July 11, 2020

Zooming Through Ten Years of History with the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests ARCWP Annual Meeting 2020 - Videos

The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests celebrated highlights of our ordinations, ministry, the history of our movement today on Zoom! 

Kudos to Donna Rougeux  Panaro ARCWP, Kim Panaro ARCWP and Mary Theresa Streck ARCWP for producing these first two videos of memories of our memories and milestones. 

I narrated the third video of our history "Women Priests Then and Now" and Mary Theresa added the slides and edited this youtube video below. In this slide show, we make the connection between women in official liturgical roles at church altars in early Christianity and highlight research done by archaeologist theologian Dorothy Irvin in Rome showing women functioning in roles of deacons, priests and bishops. Dr. Ally Kateuz,  author of Mary and the Early Christian Women: Hidden Leadership, points out that there is no early Christian art where only men are at the the church altar and that early Christian women routinely performed as clergy in orthodox churches. Our slide show shows a brief history of the Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement and concludes with the foundation of ARCWP in 2010. 

As we celebrate our 10 year anniversaries and milestones, the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests is a prophetic movement pioneering a renewed priestly ministry in a community of equals. 

One moment in Time;

Who I was born to Be

Women Priests Then and Now

2:00 pm - 2:10 pm. Final wrap up (Kathie -10 mins)

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