Monday, August 24, 2020

"Electrical Eucharist and the Radical Essence of Jesus' Teachings" by L. Ron Gardner, My Response- Connecting with Divine Love Energy Healing and Transforming Us

Left to right:Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP and Peg Bowen ARCWP presiding at Eucharist on Zoom on Aug. 22, 2020

My Response: I believe that celebrating Eucharist and receiving Communion is a mystical experience of oneness with the  Christ Presence. Here we connect with a divine love energy, that is  always healing and transforming within us and within all. This encounter of Communion embraces us in deep oneness with Christ. It is an incomprehensible mystery beyond our senses that nourishes our entire selves , deepens  our oneness with all beings and provides a dynamic energy for ongoing healing, reconciliation and transformation.  

We could look at the reception of Eucharist as connecting to Christ Presence and receiving the power of Spirit- current emanating from it - like an electrical circuit. We can be likened to an electric lamp when we consciously plug into the Divine Source in which the Spirit -current flows into and through us enlightening us with radiant energy and filling us with infinite love. This experience transcends time and space and is as readily present when we gather physically together to celebrate Eucharist as when we meet across time zones and thousands of miles in our Zoom Eucharistic Celebrations.

The following article presents Eucharist using the wonderful, dynamic metaphor of electricity to describe this mystical experience. According to this understanding, Eucharist/Communion offers us a way of connecting to  divine energy that divinizes us as we evolve into our deepest identity as the Christ Presence in the world. 
Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP

"Now if you consider the “mechanics” of the Eucharistic Act—connecting to (or plugging into) the Divine Source (or Void-Presence) and then receiving (or conducting) the Power (or Spirit-current) stemming (or emanating) from it—you will notice that it is akin to an electrical circuit. Your bodymind can be likened to an electric lamp, and when you consciously plug it into the Divine Source (or “Socket”), then the Spirit-current flows into and through you, en-Light-ening you with its radiant Energy and “saving” you from your primal “sin,” your estrangement from God. Because an electrical circuit is such a wonderful metaphor for the Eucharist, we’ll continually return to it in the course of our spiritual discussions.

The Divine Presence and its Divine Power, like fire and its flames, are essentially one. But to become en-Light-ened, you must receive the Divine in the form of Power (Light-energy) emanating from the Presence, hence the emphasis on receiving the Holy Spirit, the en-Light-ening action of the Divine. The Divine Presence (the luminous Source or Void) is a marvelous meditation object, but once Its Power begins to pour into you, your relationship to the Divine becomes more a receptive feeling-connection to the Spirit than an active concentration-focus on the Presence. The Bible says to worship God in, and as, Spirit; therefore, Divine (or Holy) Communion is essentially Spirit Communion, connecting to the Highest Power, the Holy Spirit, and allowing it to divinize you."

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