Thursday, April 22, 2021

Lament for the Universe by Edwina Gateley - a poem for Earth Day

Lament for the Universe 

Once upon a time God said:  

“I will create.”

And from a multitude of brilliant stars

 a great fire – ball exploded

into the universe.

Over billions of years

it birthed galaxies, planets,

the moon and the sun

and the beginnings of life.

And God watched in delight.

Land and seas emerged

Spanned by the great canopy 

of the sky.

From the energy of soil and sea

living things appeared  -

swimming, creeping, wriggling,

crawling and flying in vast 

and brilliant diversity.

And God was very pleased.

Plants, bushes and thick forests

pushed forth from the rich soil,

mountains arose

And valleys unfolded

fed by rivers and streams.

And God said “It is good.”

Then God called forth

The ultimate wonder of all creation:

Humanity evolved - 

walking, exploring, discovering,

playing and thinking

on its journey into consciousness 

And fullness of creation.

And God was very, very proud.

But, as humans developed – 

growing strong and powerful

and self-aware,

they came to believe

that all God had created – 

all that had gone before

for billions of years

in intelligent design -

was theirs - 

to possess, use, cultivate,

consume or destroy.

And God hoped.

Then humans forgot their place

as a single piece

in the great cosmic jigsaw.

They set-about rearranging

the earth’s intelligent design – 

Re-organizing, displacing, consuming

and destroying

for profit and greed – 

until the winds blew hot and violent,

the oceans turned to acid,

the rains dried up the soil turned to dust

and the forests disappeared.

The natural and balanced seasons

fell into disarray

and billions of living, flying,

crawling and swimming creatures

Lost their habitats and died.

And God grieved.

But humanity

did not see nor understand,

for they had forgotten their place

and who they were

in the unfolding and inter-connectedness

of all creation.

And God wept and watched

as humanity began to sicken

with the destruction

of the home God had created for them…

And God whispered – 

“Don’t die

Don’t die…

Don’t let my creation die…”

And God pleaded with humanity – 

“Please, Please – 

Don’t let my creation die.”

~ Edwina Gateley

from Edwina's newest book of poetry:  Soul Whispers (pg 49)

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