Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Is a Legislative Tsunami Coming? by Ann Harrington ARCWP, Published in the Daily Reflector 7/6/22


photo: Kelly Sikkema, Unsplash

Is a legislative tsunami coming?

I am overjoyed along with Star Parker and those in the pro-birth movement that the Supreme Court has restored the culture of life here in the U.S. I guess that means men will stop raping girls and women; that every child will be brought up in a home where the parents earn a living wage; that parents will receive leave benefits that allow enough paid time to ensure their children are properly cared for during work hours; affordable housing will be readily available; that weapons of mass destruction will no longer be available for purchase; that the obscene amounts of our tax dollars given to the defense industry will now be spent on quality public education; science-based sex-ed will be available to all along with free birth control; that renewable, sustainable technologies will receive as much reverence from our elected officials as the NRA; veterans will receive all the care they need; and universal health care will be the law of the land. I look forward to learning about all the legislation that must be pending in the minds of the men and women who govern us. Is that the sound of a legislative tsunami I hear in the distance?

Ann Harrington



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