Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Ireland - Day 5- August 9, 2022,Visit with Cousins Kate, Lizzie and Elizabeth in Carlow and a Walk Around Kilkenny

 Today we met  my cousins from Carlow at Brooks Coffee Restaurant for breakfast. It was a joy to share the news about our families. Kate gave us a fabulous walking tour of Carlow. Such fun to be with Kate , Lizzie and Elizabeth!

Then we drove to Kilkenny and had fun checking out the lovely shops and took pictures of the quaint streets. Driving through them was a real challenge- people kept stepping off sidewalks in front of our SUV.  It was warm and sunny. I actually got a sunburn, and I was wearing sunscreen 🤣

These streets were made for walkers , cyclists and jaunting carts- not for SUV’s! It was a gorgeous day- warm with a gentle breeze☘️


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