Saturday, June 28, 2008

Archbishop Burke punished nun for attending Roman Catholic Womenpriests' Ordinations in St. Louis

Burke leaving St. Louis
By Tim Townsend
JUNE 27, 2008 - Archbishop Raymond L. Burke is leaving the St. Louis Archdiocese


The other was the ordination of two women as "Roman Catholic Womenpriests" at a synagogue in St. Louis. The two women were declared excommunicated by Burke. In one of his last acts as archbishop, Burke imposed the penalty of interdict on Sister Louise Lears, a nun in the order of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, who works at St. Cronan's parish in St. Louis and who attended the women's ordinations last fall. The interdict prohibits Lears from receiving the sacraments and forced St. Cronan's to remove her from her ministry at the church.

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Pam said...

Making spiritual martyrs is probably why he got promoted out of the diocese. Rome had to stop him. They can't really discipline him because he is using the powers given him as a Bishop. Rome does not want a loose "canon" like him (forgive the pun} pointing out how regressive the Church is to the media and making these excommunications a flash point for Catholics. In this year of evangelization, controversy is not wanted. How can you evangelize to Protestants and Jews who have moved ahead into the twenty-first century with female priests, ministers and rabbis. These "excommunications" and "disciplines" may satisfy the bloodlust of Catho-fascists but will not serve to bring more bodies in to fill the pews and coffers. After all, suppose there were no more laity left? Who would pay all these Cardinals' salaries and fancy new vestments. People are drawn by messages of love and forgiveness, not revenge and punishment for minor misdeeds. Can you imagine how it appears to potential converts that women are excommunicated for exercising their call to the priesthood, yet pedophile priests keep the luxury of receiving communion despite their heinous crimes against society?