Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sisters for Christian Community: A New Model, Vatican Investigates Nuns

Sisters for Christian Community are contemporary women bonded together to manifest their commitment to Christ in a new form of consecrated life as a prophetic, collegial, ecclesial community. The community was formed in 1970 in response to Vatican II and is an international community with a committed membership in all continents of the world. The community reflects the journey of women called to be co-foundresses, co-equals, and co-responsible for all aspects of this new form of religious life which is non-canonical and ecumenical, with a self-supporting membership.

Sisters for Christian Community is a prophetic community that offers a viable alternative for women religious who are living the consecrated life and who espouse the values of Gospel equality and justice for women in the church. Decisions are made by consensus. In light of the Vatican investigations, more and more women religious may seek communities in which they are free to live according to their consciences. Sisters for Christian Community will warmly welcome such liberated, gutsy women who are birthing the church and world of our dreams.
Bridget Mary Meehan, sfcc, rcwp


"The woman charged with carrying out the investigation of U.S. women religious congregations last week sent major superiors letters containing information that for the first time confirms the Vatican-sponsored effort will involve an examination of “the soundness of doctrine held and taught” by the women."

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Elizabeth D said...

I am glad to see this news that the visitation includes a doctrinal review, this is good for all of us and can strengthen religious life. It wouldn't make sense to look at the way of life of religious communities totally separate from doctrine, because these are so interrelated. If their doctrine is broken, then religious life can only continue to be broken and they are going to mislead and scandalize the laity too.

I am pretty sure I met one time a former nun who was a member of the non canonical organization mentioned. She was invited to speak at a women's vocations group that I attended. She told a story that was surprising for its emphasis on brokenness and regrets, and passed around a newsletter from Sisters for Christian Community that included photographs of women in stoles standing around an altar. We were happy to meet this nice woman who does some good service in local parishes, while recognizing that the organization she'd joined after leaving her Order prior to solemn vows, but continuing to feel a commitment to celibacy, was not for us a legitimate Catholic vocation.