Friday, April 15, 2011

Catholics Rally for Priest, (Fr. Roy Bourgeois) Who Could Be Excommunicated/Fox 4 News -- Ft. Myers, Florida

"Some Catholics in the area are rallying behind a priest who could get excommunicated from the church. Father Roy Bourgeois faces expulsion by the Vatican for his support of women joining the priesthood. Bourgeois has been a Catholic priest for 38 years but he could get excommunicated from the church for his support of women's ordination. Ellen McNally is the president of the call to action in Southwest Florida. It's a Catholic movement which works for equality and justice in church and society. She echoes Bourgeois' feelings that the time has come for women to be ordained as priests in the catholic church. McNally says, "But a woman is as qualified, she's as holy and dedicated and can accomplish as much as anyone else."

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roberta horton said...

The spirit of God moves us and at this point in history, it is time for the Church to recognize that we, by our Baptism, are all priests.We honor the courage of so many women and men, who are giving witness to their Baptismal vows.
May we all be empowered to stand up for the rights of others and in turn be embolden to stand up for ourselves. Roberta Horton