Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is the Roman Catholic Women Priests' Movement "Unblissing" the Vatican's "Blissfully Clueless" Attitude Toward Women's Equality in the Church?

Kathleen Parker, a popular, conservative journalist and TV commentator, stated that in her opinion men tend to dominate in meetings where both genders are present: "It isn't necessarily that men intentionally marginalize women or even that they disrespect them. It is that they It's nature. Put the most brilliant woman at a table with five men (even far less intelligent men), and the woman will be ignored. She is invisible. She can't be heard by male ears. It isn't her fault; it isn't even the men's fault except that they are blissfully clueless. Women need to unbliss them." Kathleen Parker, "The President's Distaff Shortfall," Washington Post, A 19, 9/25/2011,
Bridget Mary's Reflection:
I wonder if we can apply Parker's premise to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church when it comes to the question of women's equality in the church.

Is the Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement "unblissing" the hierarchy including the Vatican from the institutional church's "blissfully clueless" attitude toward sexism in the church? Something to ponder! What do you think?
Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP

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