Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NEW Inclusive Liturgies for Catholic Masses- Order NOW: Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests/ADVENT is coming soon!

...."Inclusive Worship Aids, a resource created by priests in the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests contain a variety of Eucharistic liturgies. Some will be ideally suited for Advent/Lent, Easter/Pentecost, and Ordinary Time, while other celebrations like the liturgy of the Poor, the Marian liturgy, and the Women’s Empowerment liturgy can be used for anytime. It is our hope that this resource will be a blessing for all inclusive communities who worship in spirit and truth. The prayers and rituals can easily be adapted to the specific needs of any group. You have our permission to fit our resource to your needs. It is our hope that other pilgrims will experience the blazing fire of Spirit's outpouring as they enter into the celebration of new life. We truly believe that in God and in the Christ we live and move and have our being. As we take our place around the banquet table of Christ’s love, we invite all to the tent and pray that all may be one. The moment has arrived and the celebration has begun! "
..."The eucharistic/Eucharistic prayers that are presented in these liturgies can be recited by a single presider or in parts by several members or by groups of community members. We believe that the consecratory prayers belong to the entire community and should be vocalized in that spirit, not by a single presider.
In this resource, we use inclusive language and imagery for God. The Prayer of Jesus is an inclusive prayer; therefore we recommend beginning the prayer with: "Our Father/Mother who art/are...." Women are equal images of God and our liturgy should reflect this reality. As award-winning theologian, Elizabeth Johnson notes:
“The still-developing historical struggle for women’s equal human dignity is the context for the growing treasury of female icons of the living God who acts womanish: outrageous, audacious, courageous, willfully desiring the flourishing of women... Walking this path, Christian believers cast their lot with the liberating compassion of Sophia-God present in the midst of the silencing and degradation specifically of women… It also challenges people of faith to collaborate in the struggle to transform society into a place where discrimination, exclusion, and violence against women and girl-children will cease and where women of all races and classes will be mutual partners with men rather than subordinate auxiliaries or marginalized objects.” (Quest for the Living God, p. 110.)
...."The Inclusive Worship Aids are formatted so that when you photocopy the pages, two-side your copies so your participants will only have one sheet of paper to handle. Feel free to use colored paper for the seasonal liturgies. Laminating the pages is also another hint for liturgies you plan to reuse frequently. "

Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP, sofiabmm@aol.com, 703-505-0004

Worship Aids are provided on a CD in Word Docx and PDF formats.
If you are able, a suggested donation of $25.00 will defray our cost and help to support the growth of ARCWP and our ministry. Please click the DONATION button above. If you prefer, you may write a check to: ARCWP, 18520 Eastshore Drive, Ft. Myers, Florida 33967
Here is a list of included liturgies: ~ Liturgy for Advent/Christmas ~ Liturgy for Lent ~ Liturgy for Water, Feast of the Baptism of Jesus, Third Sunday of Lent, Easter Season, Baptismal Celebration Liturgy, Earth or Renewal Themes ~ Liturgy for Fire, Easter Season, Pentecost, Earth Day, Social Justice ~ Liturgy for Ordinary Time ~ Liturgy to Celebrate Creation, New Life, Creativity, New Beginnings, Spring or Summer ~ Liturgy for Marian Feast ~ Liturgy to Celebrate Justice, Partnership and Equality for Women in Church and Society ~ Liturgy of Good News to the Poor, For Anytime ~ Liturgy for All Saints’ and/or All Souls’ Day, Funerals/ Memorials.

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