Monday, November 7, 2011

Roman Catholic Woman Priest Janice Sevre-Duszynska Blesses Priests Who Supported Fr. Roy Bourgeois at Call To Action Conference in Milwaukee

Janice Sevre-Duszynska- blessing of priests- who supported Fr. Roy Bourgeois stance of primacy of conscience

Janice Sevre-Duszynska's Report from Call to Action Conference

At CTA this year in Milwaukee (Nov. 4-6' 2011),

Ruth Steinert-Foote greeted folks at our ARCWP booth. About 2,000 reform-minded Catholics came to hear Keynote speakers Jamie Manson, Marcus Borg, Kenneth Hardy and Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz. There were lots of other speakers. Roy Bourgeois talked about sexism in the church along with Roman Catholic Womenpriests Alta Jacko and Jean Marchant. He spoke at the Thursday night reception.

On Saturday morning we held a blessing ceremony for Roy and the priests who have gone public in their support of Roy's primacy of conscience. CTA's Jim Fitzpatrick introduced WOC's Erin Hanna followed by Sr. Teresa Kane, Roy and myself. As I read the blessing, the names of the 200 priests who signed the petition in support of Roy were scrolled on the screen for all to see. About 20 priests were present at CTA and when I asked them to stand, they received a great applause. On Friday afternoon local peace and justice folks Bob Graf, Joe Radesewski and Don Timmerman led a march to Marquette University to protest their ROTC program for the Army, Navy and Air Force. It was a joy to see peace and justice friends Bill Bischel, Dave and Barb Corcoran and Bill Brennan. Mary Hunt and Diane Neu joined us later. it was great to chat with RCWP sisters Juanita Cordero, Barb Zeman, Barb Stinger, Mary Ann Schottley, and Ree Hudson.

At the WOC caucus Erin Asked me to share how I invited Roy to my ordination and about our trip to Rome. Later Jane Via and I got to chat. It was great to see Jane and Laura Singer and family, including Paschal and Kiara.

I was happy to be with my friend Marjorie Maguire and to get to spend some time with six month old Niko, Erin and Safi's little one. Also, special to see fellow Rome companions Kate Conmy, Nicole Sotelo, Bob Heineman, Pat McSweeney and Mike Toner.

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