Monday, April 23, 2012

"LCWR: A Radical Obedience to the Voice of God in our Time" by Jamie L. Manson/ National Catholic Reporter

..."In his Holy Thursday sermon, Pope Benedict XVI made headlines for criticizing those who refuse to obey the church's position on the ordination of celibate men. He traced his argument back to Christ's obedience to the will of God ...the pontiff fails to point out that Jesus was obeying God while also radically disobeying the religious leaders and laws of his time. ... I suppose the pope is using some of this same logic in his treatment of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. He views the sisters' unwillingness to condemn gays and lesbians or contraception or women who feel called ordained ministry as an act of "caprice."But the basis on which the sisters focus their ministries is anything but shallow and whimsical. Their devotion is founded on a radical obedience to the voice of God as it emerges from the voices of the poor, the sick, the abandoned and the broken.Most sisters spend their lives immersed in the deepest sufferings of our world. They don't just stop by the soup kitchen on Ash Wednesday for a photo op. Some actually live in shelters with homeless women, orphans or the addicted..."


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In an update on the Women Religious sex scandal, William Joseph Cardinal Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, said that all of the women religious involved in the night out in Cartagena, Colombia, had now been disciplined.

"At this point, all have either been cleared of serious misconduct, resigned, retired, been notified of personnel actions to permanently revoke their security clearances, or have been proposed for permanent removal for cause," Levada said.

"The CDF is committed to conducting a full, thorough and fair investigation in this matter, and will not hesitate to take appropriate action should any additional information come to light."

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